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Who uses Palitra

Robot artist

Artists & Makers

Transform you ideas into reality with Palitra. With the ability to print in full-color, you can unlock your full artistic freedom to make beautiful models that tell stories.

Engineers & Manufacturers

Design everything from prototypes to tooling. & even end-use parts. Use color to add work instructions, material properties, simulation visualization, safety warnings, and more.

Medical Professionals

3D printing has an enormous impact on medical applications, including anatomical models, surgical planning, dentistry, patient-specific implants, prosthetics, and surgical guides.

The Vision

What began as a dream in 2002 has finally come to fruition. Palitra founder, Eugene Giller, wanted to provide the world with beautiful 3D printed parts in full color without sacrificing durability. At that time, this was unheard of, but that didn’t stop him.

The Development

Since then, he assembled a team of top innovators who developed and refined a brand new take on the world’s most commonly used 3D printing technology, FFF. By incorporating the power of engineering-grade thermoplastics with full-color inks, they were able to accomplish Eugene’s vision.

The Proof

Palitra technology has already produced tens of thousands of models spanning all industries. We are here for the maker, inventor, engineer, manufacturer, medical professional, artist, and beyond.

Sample Images

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To obtain a quote, please submit a request along with an .OBJ, .3MF, .FBX, PLY or any other full color 3D file. If you have questions, or would like more information, you can leave the upload section blank.

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