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RIZE Update

RIZE is no longer functioning as a company but don’t worry! Eugene Giller founded RIZE with one mission – to bring functional printing to the masses with advanced features like composite materials & full-color 3D printing. Thanks to the incredible core team who worked tirelessly to create a technology ecosystem unlike any other filament 3D printer in the world, his vision became reality.

While we are incredibly thankful for everything RIZE was able to accomplish, it was time to close that chapter to keep the initial vision alive. Welcome to the next chapter.

Welcome to Palitra!

Support for Your RIZE Equipment

Palitra is committed to serving you and the equipment you purchased from RIZE in the past. As we build a new team, we will do our best to reply and help you with any issues that might arise as quickly as possible. To receive support, please email support@palitra3d.com with your name, company, printer & a brief summary of how we can help or simply complete the form below. We are here for you!

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Filament Orders

We are your supplier for all filament previously provided by RIZE. We are working on a new online store but for now, contact us to order filament.

What's Next for Palitra

Palitra is just getting started! We want to serve existing customers, provide full-color 3D printing services & license our core technology to expand its reach.

If you’d like to follow along with Palitra to be updated on what’s next, sign up for the newsletter below or contact us.

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